Emergency or casualty cover

What is a medical emergency?

A medical emergency is the sudden, unexpected onset of a health condition that needs immediate medical or surgical treatment. If this treatment is not provided, the person’s life would be at risk or result in serious impairment or dysfunction of an organ or body part.

In an emergency, go straight to hospital but call us or get someone to call us within 48 hours.

Cover for medical emergencies in South Africa

In a medical emergency, call ER24 on 0860 999 911 – this number is displayed on your membership card and car sticker for easy reference.

If you need medically equipped transport, for example, an ambulance or helicopter for a medical emergency, we will cover the costs from your Hospital Benefit. We will cover your emergency transportation at 100% of the Society Rate, subject to the overall annual limit.

We cover HIV prophylactics

If you need HIV prophylactics to prevent HIV infection from occupational and traumatic exposure to HIV or sexual assault, call us on 0860 002 107.

Cover for going to casualty

If you are admitted to hospital from casualty, we will cover the costs of the casualty visit from your Hospital Benefit, as long as we confirm your admission. If you go to a casualty or emergency room and you are not admitted to hospital, we will pay the costs from your day-to-day benefits, as long as you have money available. Some casualties charge a facility fee which is payable from the overall annual limit. Any medication dispensed whilst in casualty will be payable from the prescribed medication benefit.

Cover for medical emergencies while travelling outside of the borders of South Africa

If you’re going outside of the borders of South Africa and you need travel insurance, please contact one of the following before departure to arrange for this:

  • Your travel agent
  • Your bank

You will have to pay for all emergency hospital and non-hospital expenses upfront and claim from the Society when you return to South Africa. You will be paid back at the Society Rate and according to your Society benefits. Please call 0860 002 107 for more information on your cover.