BMW Employees Medical Aid Society

One comprehensive option

We at BEMAS work hard on our promise to provide you with the best of care at all times which is why we provide you with one comprehensive option to meet your healthcare needs. BEMAS is competitively priced to ensure affordability and value for money.

BEMAS also has network arrangements with healthcare professionals. We offer you access to these networks to ensure you have certainty of cover and higher levels of repayment for claims sent through by healthcare professionals. We pay these network providers directly and in full.

There is an overall annual limit (OAL) of R1 252 203 for each family, with an annual sub-limit of R626 101 for each beneficiary.

Our Hospital Benefit covers you if you are admitted to hospital and the Society has preauthorised admission and treatment before you are admitted. The services performed by selected providers while you are in hospital, will be covered up to a maximum of 150% of the Society Rate. In other words, an amount of up to 50% over the Society Rate will automatically be paid for services you receive in hospital. This applies to GPs, medical specialists, maxilla-facial surgeons, physiotherapists, radiologists and pathologists. You will also have:

  • Extensive cover for a list of certain chronic conditions and cover for cancer, HIV and AIDS.
  • Your day-to-day expenses are paid from the day-to-day limits.

Please refer to our BMW Employees Medical Aid Society’s Benefit Brochure for more information about benefit options and limits that the BMW Employees Medical Aid Society offers.

According to the Prescribed Minimum Benefits, you have the right to a guaranteed level of cover for a list of medical conditions and treatments even if your health plan benefits have run out. These benefits include cover for a list of 270 conditions, emergency conditions and 27 chronic conditions, including HIV and AIDS. According to the Medical Schemes Act, medical aid societies must provide cover for the diagnosis, treatment and cost of ongoing care for these conditions.

Contact your employer to join

You may join with the help of your Human Resources Department (your employer). Refer to BMW Employees Medical Aid Society’s Benefit Brochure to ensure the benefits we offer suit the healthcare needs of your family or contact 0860 002 107.