Get your hospital authorisation

How to authorise your hospital admission

To authorise your hospital admission, please phone us on 0860 002 107 during business hours.

You need to give us these details:

  • Your BMW Employees Medical Aid Society membership number
  • When you'll be admitted into hospital
  • Your treating doctor's name and practice number
  • Your diagnosis (ask your doctor for the ICD-10 diagnosis code)
  • The procedure name and code, (ask your doctor for the RPL procedure code)
  • The name of the hospital or day clinic where you will be admitted
  • The date of the procedure (if not the same as admission date). If one of your dependants is being treated, give us all of his or her details.

You must pre-authorise for full hospital cover

You need to pre-authorise your hospital admission (except for emergencies) at least 48 hours before being admitted. If you don't, you will be liable for a deductible of R5 000 payable to the hospital. BEMAS will cover the remaining balance of the account.

See your doctor before pre-authorising your admission

Before you pre-authorise your hospital admission (unless it's an emergency), you need to visit your doctor for an examination.

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